Sunday, April 21, 2013

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Hello all have been out of it for awhile. So much has been going on so once again the views will be sent out into the emptiness of the void of the internet. Blah!Blah!Blah!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

A break from lofty intentions! I would like to wish each and every a Happy's Father's and keep up the good fight.

Sex and Religion 2

A response to the first of this ongoing series of sex and religion was a response to The Adam and Eve dilemma as I now dub it.A gentleman suggested that their eyes were open to anal sex.I found the suggestion something to ponder but it doesn't fully cover the entire scope of the complexes of religion and sex.

I also find out quite fascinating that the only response was in reference to anal sex which brings me to the second part of this discussion religion and same sex relationships.While some eastern religions have theologies certain aspects of same sex relationship or cross gendered entities,the Abrahamic based religions, as I call the two major religions of the western world ,totally condemns it.

There are many references to things as temple prostitutes in Judeo-Christians manuscripts.It got me thinking why would a temple a place of worship need prostitutes.And from what I can gather it is seemed to be used as a way to connect to the deities,which further strenghthens my belief that the knowledge of which The occupants of The Garden received.

Temple prostitution in my view is man's way of trying to connect to God through the process that actually caused the disconnection.The link had been severed when Adam and Eve's eyes were opened .They had discovered sexuality outside of the realm which God had intended.The deception by the serpent further manifest itself through temple prostitution to try to defile further the relationship between man and God.

Pleasure had becomes man's god and he had now sullen even the highest form of expression between the Creator and the creation,worship.Through temple prostitution man in a perverse duality engage in Deity worship then negated it with humanistic worship.Homosexual practices where prevalent in these temples.This was a subconscious acknowledgement to the plot the serpent had crafted.

In the Bible and other Abrahamic manuscripts temple prostitution and homosexual practices seemed to always be mentioned when there is a complete deterioration in the relationship between God and man.

Even today in many churches temple prostitution still exists in a subtle but deadly way.Pastors and lay person "preying" on women and children to satisfy their lustful urges in the very places where God is to be exalted.They same to take it as there sacred duty to defile the place of worship.While I am not condemning sex ,on the contrary I am just pointing out the strong connection of sex to religion.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sex and Religon

According to the Bible when Adam and Eve,deceived by the serpent,had eaten of the fruit from the forbidden Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil their eyes were opened and they covered themselves.

It is interesting that the first information for them that was processed was that which dealt with their sexuality ie their nakedness.In most variants of the Judeo-Christian religion and most religions, what you cannot and can do hinges on the way you cannot or can control your sexual desire.

I am putting forth to you that the Knowledge that Adam and Eve received was in direct relation to the fact of how they were to become complete again before God through sex.Instead of them waiting for God the Creator to show them, by eating the fruit they saw it through their own eyes.Love became lust.The intertwining of man and woman which is a reflection of the completeness of God was now viewed through human eyes.

Sex, a major part of human psyche, has been over time used to stimulate human beings to performed desired action.It is said SEX SELLS.Sex not only sells but controls.The images,connotations,doctrines etc. of/on sex is used to direct our belief system in a desired path.Corporations,religious,political and civic leaders use the powerful tool of sex to control the masses.

The power of persuasion is rooted in the fact of how magnetic the persuader can be.How can he/she draw people to them to follow them.Magnetism has to do with attraction or repulsion so does sex or sexiness.Can one attract a suitable mate.If one cannot the chances to procreate or fulfill sexual desires is slim to none (repulsion).

In the field of religion if you can control the way people respond to sexual impetus then you can indoctrinate them.Men have been told that if they blew themselves up they would receive virgins in the afterlife.What other reasons would you want virgins but to deflower them.You cannot fulfill your sexual desires on earth but you can in heaven.If you can redirect sexual desire,which is so powerful in human beings, you can direct human actions or reactions.

Purity is sexual chastity.If you become chastened then you can become a conqueror.True or not one cannot deny that sex and religion are intertwined,joined at the hip.One seems not to coexist without the other.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

John Canoe

This old year ended  and the new year started with a bang in the Bahamas.Junkanoo perhaps one of the most unique  festival in the western hemisphere is celebrated and cherished.Junkanoo a street festival held in the streets of Nassau as well as other island in the Bahamas on Boxing Day ( holiday after Christmas ) and New Years morning.

Junkanoo is  a festival I have seen mentioned in a slave narrative and  goes back during the time of slavery.I am no historian but it seems it is a mixture of  African tradition and New World slavery celebrations.Today it has evolved into a colorful display of crepe paper and artistry and the sweet sounds of drums cowbells and horns.

Junkanoo to me is the only original Bahamian cultural activity left.A festival created by us,performed by us and watched by the world.The sound of the cowbell is like none other.While all music festival can have drums,horns and elaborate costumes none that I know of has the kalik,kalik sound of the cowbells.

As rituals go either it be religous or secular, Junkanoo seems to posses the participants and causes the spectator to be caught up in the spirit of it all.When you sit in the bleacher or stand on the sideline you cannot help but feel the pulse and rhythm of the music as ,the moving heartbeat ( as I have once heard it described) goes pass you.

Junkanoo will probably last for a very long time because the children fresh from their mothers bosom can be seen  participating on the parade.It is the one thing in the Bahamas that has been consistently been passed down from generation to generation.Once outlawed by colonial establishment it is now an integral part of the fabric of Bahamian society.Bay Street the symbol of the elite financial machinery in the Bahamas, for two days of the year is filled with people from all walks of life.Bay Street and its sister Shirley St. become filled with sweet body moving sounds and  colours from the entire spectrum of the rainbow.

Junkanoo the Day the People take over Bay Street!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Death of Sunflower

Today I lost one of my pets a hen named Sunflower.My family owns several pets,parakeets,fishes,and two hens Marigold and Sunflower.We found Sunflower today dead.We believe a rodent attacked her as we have seen an increase in them since a nearby property was cleared down and a building went up.

I never thought I would become so attached to the birds but through caring for them I had grown to love them.Their interaction always fascinated me.Now Marigold went up on the perch and had to be forced to come down.We have taken steps to eliminate the rodents but we will miss Sunflower a real "scaredy chicken".She will be missed!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Another conspiracy

Call me a conspiracy theorist but just not long ago President Obama visited and left Mexico and all of a sudden bammmmmm! Swine flu! A convenient distraction from the financial woes of the world.Another element in governments tactics of fear and media manipulation.Sad.

Anup Shah, US and Foreign Aid Assistance,, Last updated: Sunday, April 27, 2008